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Hi, I'm Morgan and my story probably starts a lot like yours. I remember sitting at my 9-5 job thinking "there has got to be something more than this" 

You see, I dreamed of owning my own graphic design business, but didn't know it was possible or how the heck to even start. I craved meeting other people that were doing the same thing... You know, people who just “got it.”  The ones that you could learn from, bounce ideas off of, and people who would openly “share their secrets” with open hands and no fear of competition.

I didn't know of any spaces like that when I first started. Luckily, I took the risk, quit my 9-5 and started my own business anyways. 

but it was anything but easy...

• I've learned a few lessons "the hard way"
• I have walked through intense seasons of burnt out
• I have over-committed and have gone through seasons where I felt chained to my laptop

And eventually, I almost gave it all up. That was when I knew something had to change. I went on a mission to create a life-giving design business. I re-evaluated and up-leveled every touch point of my design process using the 3 part thrive framework. Since up-leveling, I have:

• Had consistent high paying clients  
• Started charging 8k+ on design projects
• Felt passionate & inspired again
• Had time to work on passion projects
• Felt confident in the extreme value that I am providing for my clients. 

The Design to Thrive Collective is my way to support designers like I wish I had had when I first started. Your design business should feel life-giving and not soul-sucking.  The collective is a space to learn, to perfect your process, to make business things seem "less scary" and to feel supported along the way. 


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